How Independent League Teams Fill Their Rosters

The North American League, Frontier League, American Association, Can AM League, Atlantic League and Pecos League are in the process of filling their rosters for the 2012 season. These are the most common places the adquire players from.

1)Tryout Camps: These can be individual workouts, Team Tryouts or League wide tryout camps.

2) Waiver wire: Released players who played minor league baseball with one of the 30 MLB Teams.

3) Referals from MLB Scouts. MLB Scouts will often refered released players over to independent league teams and players that were bypassed in the First Years Plaers Draft.

4) Winter League: Arizona Winter League, California Winter League and Pecos Spring League gives players a month scheduled with games and practices where Independent League and MLB Scouts serve as coaches and can sign the players to their teams

5) Scouting services: These service run tryout camps to place players into independent baseball leagues and minor league baseball.

6) Players resumes. Most independent Baseball Teams are flooded with ex college, minor league and independent baseball league players calling, faxing and mailing their resume to GMs and the Teams Coaches.

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Peanuts and Pretzels

One thing super important to a sucessful players career is a good diet. Only problem some players did not seem to get that memo. A few player have litteraly eaten their way out of baseball, by gaining 50 lbs.

Too many players seem to live on chicken mc nuggets , fries and Big Macs and are surpised they have gained alot of weight.
All that beer and pizza have not helped much too.

When asked how do you afford to be going out drinking ever night and still afford to eat? One player replies , he lives off the free peanuts and pretzels at the bar. He needed to save his money to buy beer.

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What you were gone?

One thing ever ball player needs along with a good glove, cleats and a bat is a good girlfriend. The girlfriend can be a positive thing on a player’s career and can also negatively kill a players career too.

A good example one of my teammates in summer ball had a great 100 % scholarship academic/athletic to a good Divison 1 program. After about a week , he decides he missed his girlfriend and drops out of college, when he returns to his girlfriend, she tells him “I did not even know you were gone and I found another guy anways.”

A number of minor league players have quit a promissing baseball career because their girlfriend threatened to break up with them if they played another year of minor league baseball. The girl was afraid he would cheat on her and just about always the player who quit because of a girl breaks up with her and extremely regrets quitting.

One thing ball players seemed to have a different rules for them and another ones for their girlfriends back at home. The players can go out and chase girls , but their girlfriends cant do the same too.

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Yeah I have been lifting

One of the more recent trends I had to deal with is seeing ball players on PEDS. Some players will brag ” Hey I am juiced or on Roids,” others will do a Barry Bonds and claim their nutrition plan and new trainer has caused them to gain 25 lbs of muscle and 50 feet on their line drives.

One pitcher attended a tryout camp throwing 88- 90 mph sidearm and gets a number of independent league offers and does not sign , who know why. Shows up 3 months later now throwing 91-93 mph side arm. His college catcher, and 5 of his teammates are there, all claim he has never thrown anywhere close to this hard before, he is on something. MLB scouts call his college coach, coach says he is likely juiced.
The player is workout 2 months later back down to 87-90 mph is unsigned by MLB Scouts. He signs with an independent baseball league team but then decides he missed his girlfriend and retires before attending spring training.

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Players lying on their resume

One thing an coach in independent baseball league is gonna get a ton of after getting the job is a ton of player resumes.About 95 % of the players are completely full of crap and extremely exaggerate their abilities. Not like when they get on the field you are not gonna notice they are not running the 60 yard in 6.5 seconds or throwing 95 mph like they claimed they could.

One of the more entertaining lies from a player. The player had the same name as a Major League Player ande goes to a tryout camp claiming he was the Major League player. One problem, the MLB player was currently in spring training and hit left handed not right handed like he did.

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Ugly Girlfriend Bad Eye Sight

One of the more popular past times of ball players is to rate which ball player has the hottest girlfriend. Girls are rated based on their face and body. If a player is dating a girl not reguarded as attractive, others players tend to question his eye sight or sanity.

Girls tend to like to date a ball player on team that wins often. One of the more funny stories I heard from a girl who dated a college player whose team was always being ten run rulled. She mentioned she was the only girl who admits to dating a player at their college, the others girls were too embarrassed to admit they dated a ball player on a crappy team.

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Independent Baseball Leagues

Atlantic League: $1,000 a month

8 Teams

22 players per team

Can Am League:$800 a month

6 Teams

22 players per team

American Association :$800 a month

14 Teams

22 players per team

North American League $600 a month

10 Teams

22 players per team

Frontier League $600 a month

14 Teams

22 players per team

Pecos League $200-400 a month

6 Teams

20 players per team

10 players unpaid per team

Independent Baseball Leagues

58 Teams

1264 players

60 players unpaid

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