One thing  to be a good baseball player you need to hit alot and you need a good BP Pitcher. Throwing BP is harder than it sounds, the most important thing is to throw strikes. A few times I was pulled out of the stands to throw BP, once at a MLB tryout camp after the MLB scout almost had a heat stroke.

I had to throw BP at Cape Cod Baseball League Tryout Camp when the coach could not take the 95 degree heat and asked me to throw BP. This despite me just throwing at another tryout camp 2 hours before and after throwing to 20 hitters , the coach had me throw a bull pen to a catcher.

One time I was taking a college course at a nearby  high school, and the teacher did not have a key to the class room. So she cancelled class. I made my way over the the baseball field where a player was talking like he was Barry Bonds and complaiging  no one could throw a strike he could go deep on. I told him I could throw and threw him about 30 balls he could hit. He asked if I had  fastball, I told him a little. Mr Barry Bonds  ego was very bruised when I reared back  and blew a 90 mph plus fastball by him. I threw a few other pitches before MR Barry Bonds decided he had to leave. Turns out a fomer MLB scout was there watching and made some calls and had me throw at a work out.

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