Drunk Parents

One thing in dealing with ball players you have to deal with their parents, most are fine and few well are drunk.

At a high school tournament, they had the players, parents and college coaches staying in the same hotel. This hotel had happy hour. One dad of a player decided to drink like a Kennedy and then goes up to a table where 3 college coaches from 3 different college were sitting. He tell the first coach,”Man I really love your college, I want my son to attend your college.” About 3 seconds later gives the same speech to the next college coach sitting right next to the one he just talked to. Then looks at the 3rd college coach who tells him, “Hey I heard your speech already.”

The poor player of  the Drunk Dad, was being called  Drunk Dad’s Kid the rest of the showcase.

Other time I received a call from a parent of a player who is currently playing minor league ball, while he was in high school had told me about going to dinner with the family of front line pitching prospect. The prospects parent apparently thought they were at a Frat Party because they drank 8 shots before dinner arrived. The other family was stunned that the parents were drinking so much in front of 2 teenage players. The player you guess it ended up in some trouble for drinking a few months later. He is now a bartendar.


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