MLB Tryout Camps

Tryout Camps are quick way to see alot of players doing specific baseball skills like running, throwing, fielding, catching, hitting and pitching. MLB teams will run tryout camps right before spring training and right after the draft.

They can be a good place to find ball players but they are aalso great for laughs t0o. It often looks like American Idol Auditions with players wearing  wife beater t shirts, gangster rap t shirts with jeans falling down. One parent asked are some of these players on crack or drunk. A few players did mention they came right from a bar.

Tryout format after the players register goes like this 60  yard , infield/outfield throwing, catchers release, BP, pitchers throw in the bull pen and maybe a game for the best players. Tryout camps can be well run if the Scouts or Coaches running know what they are doing or total distasters if the truly clueless are running them.

I had helped out at a couple MLB tryout camps. Basically clocking pitchers and getting any player information on them.

Luckily I and the other person clocking the pitchers were standing behind 2 screens. Many pitcher;s control was not very  good. Ever time they threw a ball in the dirt , the other scout was hit by rocks, he was not happy seeing 1/4 the pitchers not able to break 80 mph. He was hoping for MLB average of 90-91 mph. A few other notable achievements several pitchers threw to the wrong catcher, nailed moms in the stands, who were sitting 50 feet to the right of the  bull pen.Several players got nailed by errant throws.

One latin pitcher threw 93 mph and MLB scouts asked his age . He said 21 yrs.I asked his birthdate, his birthdate said 23 yrs. He suddenly pulled a Sammy Sosa and could  no longer speak english.

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