Prospect Watch First Tryout Camp

The first tryout camp Prospect Watch  ran started out with the field being wet, so we ran the 60 yard on a track, giving the field time to dry. The water drained on the 1st base side so any ball hit towards 1st base, the ball was history. So we did the tryout on the left field and 3rd base side.

The Talent Level was good, about 1/2 of the players signed to independent baseball leagues and a couple signed with minor league teams. The only hic up was a Law Student who thought it be a great idea to tryout, he ran against a former minor league  who ran a 6.49 seconds in 60 Yards. He ran a 7.50 seconds. He next tried pitching. After 3 pitchers who ended up throwing 91 mph, all who signed minor league contracts, he threw 75 mph. He relized he was way over his head and decided to stay in law school.

Afterwards we  put restrictions on tryouts. We would only allow players who played college baseball in the past year, or had previous pro experience to attend.

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