Baseball resume dad

Most high school showcases or tournaments have players information sheet on each individual players attending but quite oftens players dads show up with their ready made resumes for their kids for college coaches and MLB Scouts.

It sounds good in theory but parents quite often greatly exaggarate their kids abilities. So far I have not seen any Elle Woods Resumes on pink paper, but player resumes have come on baseball cards, business cards, frisbees, pens and baseball bats.

One dad was handing out his sons resumes at a tournament where 500 colleges and MLB scouts were in attendance claiming his kid runs a 6.50 seconds 60 yard, throws 92 mph and throws 1.80 seconds release time. He handed the resume to everyone, MLB Scouts, College Coaches, Peanut Vendors and Agents. One MLB Scout said you know what if he could really do like he claimed we would already know about him.

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