Lets go to the video

One of the bigger trends these days is to video tape prospects for college or MLB scouts. Film on prospects can definately benefit a college coach or MLB Scout provided it is properly shot and edited and the player is actually worth looking at.

Prospects have been filmed by Dads, College Coaches, MLB Scouts, Recruiting Services and uploaded to such web sites like Myspace, Facebook, Team One, Baseball Web TV and Youtube.

The better ones are carefully edited and show just infield/outfield, batting practice and game footage of hitting or pitching.

Some of the more entertaining videos look like they should appear on America’s Funniest Videos. Players fielding ground balls next to a chicken coop with chickens jumping up and down in the background.
Players beating a tire with a baseball bat, doing pushups aund running up and down hills to the Theme from Rocky or The Eye of the Tiger.

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