Do Players Really Want to Play Pro Baseball?

Quite often players say they want to pursue a career as a pro baseball player but have no idea what that life is like or how much work it takes to get there and stay there.

1) Whether it is minor league baseball or independent baseball leagues, there is no job security. You can get released at any time. Independent baseball leagues may release you after a few games if you dont perform immediately. The amount of your signing bonus and your age are very important to how long the organization gives you to develop.

2) Spring Training Invites mean you still have to make the team. Independent baseball leagues team wil often bring in 60 players and keep 24 players. 36 Players are being sent home. Minor League Teams can have as many as 90 players on one field during spring training. Most MLB Teams have one MLB Team, AAA, AA, High A, Low A, Short Season A , Rookie Ball,Latin Minor League Teams: VSL and DSL.

MLB Team: 25 players

Minor Leagues 150 players

Latin Minor League Teams::50 players

3) MInor League or Independent Baseball League players will be at the ball park: 330PM to 1030PM ever day

29 days out of 30 a month.

4) 1200 Players are released ever year from the Minor Leagues, some will sign with affilated team, most will end up playing independent, international or retire.

5)Major League Players take about 150-200 swings every day before the game.About 30 swings are during batting practice on the field before the game

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