Common Mistakes Players Make Who Want To Play Pro Ball

1) Show up to a tryout camp , not in shape. Players who show up overweight and not able to run or throw at their normal level are showing they are not really serious about wanting to play pro ball. Train for a minimum 2 months prior to attending any pro tryout camp.

2) Exaggerate your abilities and size. If you attend any pro tryout camp, ever player claims they throw 95 mph or run the 60YD in 6.50 seconds or better. You can’t exaggerate your height, weight or tools on the field, so why try to.

3)Claim you had played pro ball , when you really have not. It is amazing how many players who claimed they have pro expierence in affiliate ball or independent baseball leagues who really have not. A simple check at The Baseball Cube will verfy any players claim. Attending a pro tryout camp is not playing pro ball.

4) Have your mom or dad call a MLB Scout or Independent Baseball League team trying to get them a job. Nothing turns off a MLB Scout or Independent Baseball League team more than to get a call from a players mom or dad. The player is 21 or 22 yrs old ,make your own calls. It is the players desire to play pro ball not your mom or dad.

5) Claim a MLB Scout as a reference who did not say you could. Any MLB Scout at a game is watching both teams on the field, but unless he asks for a player information card on you and gives you his business card. Dont claim he is scouting you.

6) Make excuses for very average college stats. Your college coach did not throw the ball or hit for you. You did. If you want to play pro ball, but up numbers that showed you dominated at the college level.

7) Complaign about minor league pay.

Affilate pay is $1,100 a month. Independent Baseball League pay for rookies (1st year players)

Atlantic League: $1,000 a month

Can Am League:$800 a month

American Association :$800 a month

North American League $600 a month

Frontier League $600 a month

Pecos League $200-400 a month

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