What you were gone?

One thing ever ball player needs along with a good glove, cleats and a bat is a good girlfriend. The girlfriend can be a positive thing on a player’s career and can also negatively kill a players career too.

A good example one of my teammates in summer ball had a great 100 % scholarship academic/athletic to a good Divison 1 program. After about a week , he decides he missed his girlfriend and drops out of college, when he returns to his girlfriend, she tells him “I did not even know you were gone and I found another guy anways.”

A number of minor league players have quit a promissing baseball career because their girlfriend threatened to break up with them if they played another year of minor league baseball. The girl was afraid he would cheat on her and just about always the player who quit because of a girl breaks up with her and extremely regrets quitting.

One thing ball players seemed to have a different rules for them and another ones for their girlfriends back at home. The players can go out and chase girls , but their girlfriends cant do the same too.

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