Yeah I have been lifting

One of the more recent trends I had to deal with is seeing ball players on PEDS. Some players will brag ” Hey I am juiced or on Roids,” others will do a Barry Bonds and claim their nutrition plan and new trainer has caused them to gain 25 lbs of muscle and 50 feet on their line drives.

One pitcher attended a tryout camp throwing 88- 90 mph sidearm and gets a number of independent league offers and does not sign , who know why. Shows up 3 months later now throwing 91-93 mph side arm. His college catcher, and 5 of his teammates are there, all claim he has never thrown anywhere close to this hard before, he is on something. MLB scouts call his college coach, coach says he is likely juiced.
The player is workout 2 months later back down to 87-90 mph is unsigned by MLB Scouts. He signs with an independent baseball league team but then decides he missed his girlfriend and retires before attending spring training.

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