How Independent League Teams Fill Their Rosters

The North American League, Frontier League, American Association, Can AM League, Atlantic League and Pecos League are in the process of filling their rosters for the 2012 season. These are the most common places the adquire players from.

1)Tryout Camps: These can be individual workouts, Team Tryouts or League wide tryout camps.

2) Waiver wire: Released players who played minor league baseball with one of the 30 MLB Teams.

3) Referals from MLB Scouts. MLB Scouts will often refered released players over to independent league teams and players that were bypassed in the First Years Plaers Draft.

4) Winter League: Arizona Winter League, California Winter League and Pecos Spring League gives players a month scheduled with games and practices where Independent League and MLB Scouts serve as coaches and can sign the players to their teams

5) Scouting services: These service run tryout camps to place players into independent baseball leagues and minor league baseball.

6) Players resumes. Most independent Baseball Teams are flooded with ex college, minor league and independent baseball league players calling, faxing and mailing their resume to GMs and the Teams Coaches.

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