Parental Guide To The College Recruiting Process

Your son wants to play baseball at the collegiate level and you want to know
the best way to expose him to the college coaches.

Step 1. Make sure it is the players desire for him to play college baseball
and not the parents.Relize you will spend at least 25 hours a week on the
baseball field in practice and games.Athletic Scholarships are renewable every

Step 2.Emphasize Academics: Register for the NCAA Clearing House. Take a SAT
and ACT Prep Course.Take the SAT and ACT the fall of your junior year in high
school. College coaches will not recruit seriously until they see your SAT or
ACT test scores.

Step 3. Play on a strong travel team.A strong travel team will be loaded
with prospects that college coaches want to see play. A college coach frequently
goes to see one player and finds another player he likes much better.The Senior
Fall Classic, WWBA National Championship 17U, WWBA National Championship 18U,
and WWBA World Championship are the most heavily scouted tournaments for
colleges and MLB Scouts.

Step 4.Get Video:Having a video displaying your playing ability can be a
tremendous asset in the college recruiting process. Position players should
show, batting practice, game hitting, infield/outfield throwing and the player
running to 1st base or running the bases. Pitchers show game footage filmed with
the view from behind the catchers showing not only the pitchers mechanics but
the velocity and movement of the ball towards the plate. Show radar gun readings
if possible.

Step 5. Attend College Baseball Camps. Start attending some college baseball
camps after your sophomore year. Not only will it provide College Level
Instruction, it is a great way to get your name out to the colleges.You should
try to attend a college baseball camp run by many different college coaches. The
more the better.

Step 6. Attend High School Showcases. Start attending high school showcases
the summer before your junior year in high school. Understand the format is the
same at most High School Showcase. 60 Yard dash, Infield/Outfield & Catchers
Release, Batting Practice, then hit against live pitching. Work on your speed
and your arm strength through sprinting , long toss, jobe exercises and practice
hitting with a wood bat.
Step 7. Be realistic about your playing ability. While ever parent thinks
their kid can play at a TOP 25 Collegiate program, most can’t. Go where you can
make the team and can play. Don’t exaggerate your kids ability to the college
coaches.Have an outside source rate your ability: Example High School Showcase
or MLB Tryout Camp. Parents have almost zero credibility with college coaches.

Averages College Fastball (Stalker Gun)
■Pro Level:90-92 mph
■Top 25 Division 1(conference games):89-91 mph
■Division 1: 87-89 mph
■Division 2: 85-87 mph
■Division 3: 83-85 mph
■NAIA: 84-86 mph

60 Yard Time Average
■Pro Level:6.90 seconds
■Pro Level(SS,2B, OUT):6.70 seconds
■Division 1: 6.95-7.00 seconds
■Division 2: 7.00-7.04 seconds
■Division 3:7.05-7.09 seconds
■NAIA 3:7.03-7.07 seconds
■High School: 7.15 seconds

Outfield Throws (MPH)
■Pro Level:90-91 mph
■Division 1: 87-88 mph
■Division 2: 86-87 mph
■Division 3: 84-85 mph
■NAIA: 85-86 mph
■High School: 82-83 mph

Infield Throws (MPH)
■Pro Level:86-87 mph
■Division 1: 84-85 mph
■Division 2: 82-83 mph
■Division 3: 80-81 mph
■NAIA: 81-82 mph
■High School: 78-79 mph

Catchers Throws (MPH)
■Pro Level: 85-86 mph(Release Time:1.85-1.90) seconds
■Division 1: 83-84 mph(Release Time:1.95-2.0) seconds
■Division 2: 81-82 mph(Release Time:2.0-2.03) seconds
■Division 3: 79-80 mph(Release Time:2.03-2.06) seconds
■NAIA: 80-81 mph(Release Time:2.01-2.04) seconds
■High School: 77-78 mph(Release Time:2.10-2.15) seconds

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Common Mistakes Players Make Who Want To Play Pro Ball

1) Show up to a tryout camp , not in shape. Players who show up overweight and not able to run or throw at their normal level are showing they are not really serious about wanting to play pro ball. Train for a minimum 2 months prior to attending any pro tryout camp.

2) Exaggerate your abilities and size. If you attend any pro tryout camp, ever player claims they throw 95 mph or run the 60YD in 6.50 seconds or better. You can’t exaggerate your height, weight or tools on the field, so why try to.

3)Claim you had played pro ball , when you really have not. It is amazing how many players who claimed they have pro expierence in affiliate ball or independent baseball leagues who really have not. A simple check at The Baseball Cube will verfy any players claim. Attending a pro tryout camp is not playing pro ball.

4) Have your mom or dad call a MLB Scout or Independent Baseball League team trying to get them a job. Nothing turns off a MLB Scout or Independent Baseball League team more than to get a call from a players mom or dad. The player is 21 or 22 yrs old ,make your own calls. It is the players desire to play pro ball not your mom or dad.

5) Claim a MLB Scout as a reference who did not say you could. Any MLB Scout at a game is watching both teams on the field, but unless he asks for a player information card on you and gives you his business card. Dont claim he is scouting you.

6) Make excuses for very average college stats. Your college coach did not throw the ball or hit for you. You did. If you want to play pro ball, but up numbers that showed you dominated at the college level.

7) Complaign about minor league pay.

Affilate pay is $1,100 a month. Independent Baseball League pay for rookies (1st year players)

Atlantic League: $1,000 a month

Can Am League:$800 a month

American Association :$800 a month

North American League $600 a month

Frontier League $600 a month

Pecos League $200-400 a month

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Do Players Really Want to Play Pro Baseball?

Quite often players say they want to pursue a career as a pro baseball player but have no idea what that life is like or how much work it takes to get there and stay there.

1) Whether it is minor league baseball or independent baseball leagues, there is no job security. You can get released at any time. Independent baseball leagues may release you after a few games if you dont perform immediately. The amount of your signing bonus and your age are very important to how long the organization gives you to develop.

2) Spring Training Invites mean you still have to make the team. Independent baseball leagues team wil often bring in 60 players and keep 24 players. 36 Players are being sent home. Minor League Teams can have as many as 90 players on one field during spring training. Most MLB Teams have one MLB Team, AAA, AA, High A, Low A, Short Season A , Rookie Ball,Latin Minor League Teams: VSL and DSL.

MLB Team: 25 players

Minor Leagues 150 players

Latin Minor League Teams::50 players

3) MInor League or Independent Baseball League players will be at the ball park: 330PM to 1030PM ever day

29 days out of 30 a month.

4) 1200 Players are released ever year from the Minor Leagues, some will sign with affilated team, most will end up playing independent, international or retire.

5)Major League Players take about 150-200 swings every day before the game.About 30 swings are during batting practice on the field before the game

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My Closer

One of the more difficult problems in recruiting for college baseball coaches is to get a player to make an official college recruiing visit. Once a prospect agrees to visit your campus, the college coach wants to get the player to committ to their college.

A number of college coaches say their best way to seal the deal is to bring in their “Closer.” They say they bring in their most attractive girl on their campus to give a recruit the campus tour and the player always signs with them afterwards.

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You know who I am? You need to google me

Quite often you need to do research on the players who contact you and search engines will make this process much easier. Minor League Stats are accessible via The Baseball Cube, college stats at NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA web sites.

Many times you will find some interesting information on players via Facebook, Myspace and often arrest records. Some players failed to mention they have serve time in the fun house, others tend brag about it.

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Lets go to the video

One of the bigger trends these days is to video tape prospects for college or MLB scouts. Film on prospects can definately benefit a college coach or MLB Scout provided it is properly shot and edited and the player is actually worth looking at.

Prospects have been filmed by Dads, College Coaches, MLB Scouts, Recruiting Services and uploaded to such web sites like Myspace, Facebook, Team One, Baseball Web TV and Youtube.

The better ones are carefully edited and show just infield/outfield, batting practice and game footage of hitting or pitching.

Some of the more entertaining videos look like they should appear on America’s Funniest Videos. Players fielding ground balls next to a chicken coop with chickens jumping up and down in the background.
Players beating a tire with a baseball bat, doing pushups aund running up and down hills to the Theme from Rocky or The Eye of the Tiger.

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My son has gotten a girlfriend and has not hit since

One thing every ball player likes to have along with a good glove and bat is an attractive girlfriend.

Baseball Coaches views player’s girlfriends in this way, they are ok with them unless they start effecting the performance of the player.

One of the more interesting girlfriends problems was a players girlfriend ,was a pitcher throwing a game while fans kept approaching his girlfriend and were hitting on her. The pitcher was obviously distracted and was knocked out in the 1st inning, he then blames it on his girlfriend who then breaks up with him.

One player asked his Cape Cod Basebal League coach to break with his girlfriend for him. Surprisely he agreed, but the soon to be ex girlfriend did not take it very well, and began to yell at the coach, “You are screwing up my wedding and my future.”

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